With great hype, come great chances of disappointment. Those are the words of wisdom that analysts all over seem to be whispering to Verizon these days as latest sales figures clearly show that the introduction of the iPhone seems to have made a much smaller impact that originally expected. Various marketing analysts and partner companies seem to be very disappointed over the fall in sales but as the hype clears, we can begin to get a clearer picture of where everything went wrong.

iPhone 5: It seems that the best iPhone sales killer is a new generation of iPhone. In this case, according to Apple’s iPhone launch schedule, a new generation of the iPhone should hit stores this year. This phone may be everything the iPhone 4 is not, so it is easy to imagine the thousands of users who have decided to wait and see instead of buying a Verizon iPhone just yet.

AT&T: The eternal rival of Verizon, also the former monopoly distributor of the iPhone is understandably seething over Apple’s decision to bring in Verizon. However, AT&T still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Firstly, it has plenty of iPhone users (who might want to switch) held firmly under a contract. Secondly, it also launched a powerful campaign aimed at Verizon’s services (ex: no simultaneous voice and data message).