Ever since the iPhone came out, apps have begun to define every function of our iPhone. The most interesting function is definitely the camera feature and some of the apps that have come out recently promise to change our picture taking experience in every way imaginable.

The following are some of the most interesting iPhone camera apps developed thus far.

Darkroom: One of the persistent problems with the iPhone camera, or indeed any camera is the potential for plenty of blurry pictures. However, now this problem is easily addressed with the advent of the Darkroom app. This handy app helps prevent all those blurry pictures by pressing the shutter faster than normal. This helps ensure that pictures are taken when the camera is most stable.

TwinShot 3D: Imagine shooting 3D pictures from your iPhone. Well now even that is possible thanks to Twinshot 3D. This app takes two shots of any particular picture and then combines them in order to produce a 3D picture. However, to view the image properly, you will need to have a pair of 3D glasses. The app sells for $2 and is certainly recommendable for all those of you planning to shoot spoofs of the Avatar.