There are plenty of great iPhone camera apps out there. Some of them maybe utterly useless; but others can be really interesting and are full of novel features. From enhancing normal pictures to radically changing the way your camera works, apps are promising to change every feature of the iPhone camera.

The following are few iPhone camera apps that will surely get you hooked.

CameraBag: Ever fallen in love with those old vintage movies? Well with CameraBag you can enhance your pictures to make them look like they were taken from an old-school vintage camera. Some of the options include mono and Helga. This is an excellent app for photography enthusiasts and anyone else looking for some real fun. The app only costs $ 1.99, which makes the deal even better.

Camera Zoom: the iPhone camera maybe great but it does have its flaws and one of the most annoying things about it, is the lack of a built-in zoom feature. Fortunately, with the Camera Zoom app, you can add a zoom in feature, which provides a 4x digital zoom and real-time preview. The App is available for a mere $.99 and this is certainly an essential iPhone app. Your camera experience will not be the same with this.