When we imagine iPhone music apps, we think of pleasant little pop-ups complimenting our tastes and suggesting suitable tracks to go along. Well if you would like a little constructive criticism then the new iPhone app Pocket Hipster is the definitely one worth looking at.

Think of it as the doctor House of all music apps. The app features two virtual hipsters – one male and the other, female. They are designed to go through all the songs on your iPhone and then be rude as possible about them. Afterwards, they recommend other tracks you ought to listen, along with links to iTunes and strong streaming.

While this may seem very offensive, that is exactly what it is supposed to do and after using it for a while, you will realize that some of its recommendations are actually worth looking into and a great way to discover new bands.

The app itself is created by two recent music technology startups: Echo Nest and We Are Hunted, and is now available on the App Store for a relatively low price of $0.99. This is a highly recommendable app for those looking to spice up their music lives in a very unconventional manner. Also, keep an eye out for new apps that are set to be launched by these companies soon.