The style or signature feel is often associated with the name of almost any notable artist, especially when one thinks about Matisse or Gauguin, or the ever-present white of Kubrick’s ‘2001’. Digital Film Tools have developed ‘PhotoCopier’ as a universal application for the iPhone and iPad by using these styles as filters that you can apply to your photographs, giving them a look inspired by many of masterpieces of the art world.

The application developers must have read many books about art and visited many art exhibitions to be able to put into the application the best of their knowledge and the characteristics of some of the world’s most beloved paintings, photographs and films – they have created a range of unique presets for your iDevice.

Whenever you want to give your photograph another look, you select a filter from four sections: ‘Movie’, ‘Painting’, ‘Photo’ or ‘Process’. The ‘Movie’ presets start from science-fiction movies such as ‘2001’ and ‘Minority Report’ to classics such as ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’, giving a total of ninety filters. The ‘Painting’ group allows you to choose from more than seventy of the world’s most famous paintings such as da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ and Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, and with the filters from the ‘Photo’ section you can choose from forty famous photographers name – although you might never had heard of the names.

The filters become highly interesting when you open the ‘Process’ section, because here you can select from several specific photographic film and camera techniques, such as emulsion lifts and salt prints.

The application is versatile that you can spend much time with this application. For those looking for a quick change, it is sufficient to just apply, look at the result and save the picture. But those who love to play with colors, the possibilities are almost limitless – after you have applied the preset filter, sliders appear on the screen that allow you to modify any aspect of the filter that you applied.

For only $2 the choices and results that ‘PhotoCopier‘ offers are surprising, and when you combine these with the iPad’s larger screen, photo editing takes on a whole new dimension. Da Vinci must be crying in his grave – think of what he could have produced with this handy little setup?