It is the third installment of our ‘best worst iPhone apps’. The fun in all of this is taking a peak at the worst possible apps that have been conceived thus far.

I am Rich

These are one of the few insane apps that actually managed to get banned by Apple (we are not complaining). Basically, as the name suggests, this apps is supposed to show to the world how rich you are.

If you cannot be bothered getting your iPhone encrusted with diamonds, then this would have been the next best thing. Users were supposed to pay $1000 for this app, which turned the iPhone into a ruby red when running. Yes, what better way to show to the world that you are floating in wealth than to pay $1000 dollars for a change of color?


Who says the iPhone has to be all about productivity? If we need an example to demonstrate the opposite, then this is the app. As its name suggests, it is supposed to help sneaky employees take a nap. This app will create a variety of sounds including coughs, keyboard tapping and mouse clicks to give everyone an impression that you are hard at work. One could only wonder how anyone could sleep with all that noise.