Last week we started looking at the worst apps created thus far. This week we will follow up on that with two more reviews. These are the apps that really stand as a testament to the fact that for every good apps there is an equal and opposite bad app.


This deserves extra attention because it comes as a standard app with every iPhone. At first glance, it may seems like a standard note taking app: it features yellow rule paper and is obviously designed to take notes. Other basic functions include emailing and saving. The amazing thing is that this app features a Market Felt Font that is quite unreadable and manages to defeat the very purpose of the app. If you thought things could not get any worse, then hold your breath because it can. The app spectacularly fails to provide any standard synchronizing or integration features.

Hang Time

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with hanging around with your friends. Instead, this app challenges users to throw their iPhones as high as possible and thereby keep it up as long as possible (hence ‘hangs’ time). Afterwards, assuming you catch the phone again, it will allow you to share your records with your friends.

In short, we would recommend trying this while standing on a bunch of ultra-soft cushions.