Recent reports mention the possibility of Apple’s next-generation iPad trading its present IPS ‘In-Plane-Switching’ display for a new PLS ‘Super Plane to Line Switching’ display, recently reveled by Samsung.

The Korea Times quotes industry sources when claiming that Samsung Mobile Display will supply LCD panels for Apple’s long-awaited second-generation tablet. At the moment Apple buys its LCD panels from a many companies such as LG Display, however, the newspaper claims that this situation is expected to change, and the LCD panel’s unit price will also change.

Samsung unveiled its new Super PLS displays last November and the panels have reportedly already gained the attention of Apple. The sources suggest the reason for Apple’s interest in Super PLS LCD’s is that they have been developed specifically for smart-phones and tablets, and they allow for improved viewing angles over the present IPS display.

When it come to clearing the crystal ball regarding the second-generation iPad’s display, the report unfortunately is sadly lacking as it is still not clear whether the iPad 2 – which is already in production, as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal – will feature this new display technology. The report merely states that Apple is interested in using a Super PLS display.

The second-generation iPad’s display has been a subject of many discussions and rumors, and until the device is presented by Steve Jobs the number of rumors will continue to grow. In January some voices whispered that Apple would quadruple the number of pixels from the current iPad to a 2048 by 1536 display thereby giving the iDevice a ‘Retina Display’ as in the iPhone4. But this rumor was quickly contradicted by analysts who highlighted the poor battery life experienced with the ‘Retina Display’. Now the most recent reports are talking about the iPad featuring the same resolution as the first-generation tablet. Who knows? – perhaps only Steve Jobs – and as always he is very careful with his announcements.