As an iPad owner you already know that typing on your magic device was not considered as a major priority by the original designers, but fortunately for us mobile writers, the designers at ‘Padprop’ have come to the rescue by devising a portable stand for the iPad. The stand has been designed to sit perfectly between your and allows your iPad to sit on top at an almost perfect angle for typing.

Judging from scenes on our regular daily commute where users are reluctant to stop working on their iDevice for a single moment, there is definitely a demand for such a useful accessory – but unfortunately it is not recommended for use while driving your car, unless you can find a way of removing the steering wheel. But as the ‘Padprop‘ weighs in at only 50 grammes, there is no denying that it is truly portable.

Made from EVA foam, so that it protects your precious iDevice from scratches and damage, this accessory comes in a box complete with two cable covers and a storage compartment specially designed for holding your Apple ‘ear-buds’.

The viewing angle of the ‘Padprop’ is fully adjustable from eighty degrees through to forty degrees, so users can find a comfortable viewing angle. And because you no longer need to hold on to the device, your hands are now free for you to concentrate on your typing – and the stand can still be used on any surface – definitely a device that can make your life easier.

A simple idea, but a useful one, and all for only £14.99 – now you can really ‘let your fingers do the talking’.