After listening to constant complaints from users regarding crashes and bugs associated with ‘The Daily’, Yahoo has finally decided to remove the application for use on the iPad, and on February 10 the internet giant announced the introduction of a new application ‘Livestand’ to replace the former troublesome offering.

The introduction has been made, but the crystal ball is still fairly cloudy regarding the actual shipping date as Yahoo are talking about the first half of 2011 – which could mean that the news watchers might have to wait until the end of June!

According to Yahoo, ‘Livestand’ utilizes the fact that:

We live in a beautifully content rich world’. More than 3.5 million photos are uploaded to ‘Flickr’ every day, and nearly 2.5 billion emails are sent each day, and many of us send hundreds of texts and tweets per month. Simply put, life is digital. In order to enjoy and share all this content, people want much more than a PC experience replicated on their tablet or phone—they want something fundamentally new.

So todays’s news is that ‘Livestand’ will push fresh content from Yahoo’s own Sports, News, Finance, ‘Flickr’, and ‘omg!’ pages, as well as from third-party publishers and advertisers.

In the screen-shot supplied, the highlight is that ‘Livestand’ will put a heavy accent on local news, so if you are interested in news in your area, it will be there right on your tablet. Where there is a ‘will’ there must also be a ‘when’. So Yahoo tell us the news – when?