The rumors about whether the iPad2 will have one or two cameras are still flying wildly around, but the Wall Street Journal has stepped into the fray by stating that it has learned that Apple has started manufacturing the iPad2 – which is news to all of us of course. They have learned that the new tablet will be thinner and lighter than the previous model, with a faster processor and one built-in camera, which will probably a front-facing camera suitable for ‘FaceTime’ video call.

People in the know still could not (or would not) confirm the inclusion of a second, back facing-camera, although ‘FaceTime’ is capable of working with both cameras. However if you look at the computers Apple already manufacturer, not one of them has two cameras, and if you think logically about it – why should they? Why would anyone want the iPad to have  two cameras? Of course – to make all the conference calls you have with your business partner – but you already have the iPhone to make those calls and you have mobility there. Now just think about the size of the iPad – now think about trying to hold this device, trying to hold a conversation, and trying to show the surrounding scenery all at the same time. Sounds as if this is making our lives more difficult, not easier. What do you think – or are we missing something here?

Returning to the land of reality, it is confirmed that the second-generation iPad will be available through Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but not Sprint Nextel or T-Mobile USA.

Since the magic tablet was released, Apple has sold almost 15 million units (14.8 million to be precise). In their recent financial results for the December quarter, Apple reported that the iPad contributed $4.6 billion to their sales revenue (17% of the company’s overall revenue).

The estimates for 2011 still vary, but the general opinion puts the sales figure around 30 million. ‘Piper Jaffray & Co’ conservatively estimates the Cupertino company to sell 27 million iPads in 2011, while other whispering voices are mentioning 35 million units.