On the first day it was available, the Verizon iPhone achieved sales of over a half of million units in 17 hours. Although the first two hours of the iPhone pre-order managed to break existing sales records, Verizon continued to take orders for another 15 hours (until 8:10 pm ET), and based on the relentless and hectic pace of sales, Phil Cusick, JP Morgan analyst, estimates that more than a half a million Verizon iPhones were sold on the first day.

In comparison, the heavily-advertised Motorola Droid became available in November 2009, and at that time it managed to sell 200,000 units during the first weekend of sales with another 300,000 units by the end of its first week. Obviously there is a major difference in the pace of demand for the new units, and this is just the start as Philip Cusick is expecting Apple and Verizon to sell over 11 million iPhones during 2011.

If you are one of the fortunate customers who managed to place their pre-order on the first day, then you should have your new iDevice already. At least one fortunate person managed to start using his iPhone on Saturday already, and it was recorded by ‘ 9 to 5 Mac’ who had a video link showing the fortunate guy opening up the package containing the very first Verizon iPhone.

If you did not manage to place your order yet, do not despair because Apple and Verizon are  again taking pre-orders starting February 9 at 3 am ET, with the promise that the following day the handset will be available in Apple stores and Verizon Wireless stores. And when you have your hands on the new iPhone, let us know about your reactions to it – well sharing is caring after all.