‘Where to?’ is an application that relies on Google information to get the best of the world around you. It allows you to check and find places to visit or to shop if you are just on a drive around. Or if you are hungry, the just load the application and you can find the best restaurant that is near to you.

The application – developed by FutureTap GmbH – integrates with the ‘Navigation’ and ‘TomTom’ applications, but that is not really news. However the news is the latest upgrade now incorporates a new feature – augmented reality (AR). Great, because whether you are in landscape or portrait mode, the camera will activate and the points of interest, in the categories you have selected, can be seen listed over the real-time image. A handy feature is that the closer the location, the bigger the marker.

The ‘Where to?’ developers have made AR a useful feature and made it also easy to use – when the labels appear, there are so many that you cannot really decide which one to pick – now you can zoom and they will move apart. Also they have made improvements to eliminate compass lag, which has become a complaint with other AR applications.

This AR feature adds another dollar to the existing $3 purchase price of the application, but you can try it out for one full month free of charge.