The latest check with manufacturers show that the Cupertino-based company plans to forge stronger relationships with wireless carriers along with the device’s introduction.

‘Concord Securities’ analyst, Ming-Chi, provided additional details to ‘AppleInsider’ about the coming new tablets. Apple plans to offer its tablet in three versions: a Wi-Fi only model, a GSM / UMTS version for AT&T and most other global carriers, and a CMDA / EVDO version specifically for Verizon (and possibly other CMDA carriers in the future), with each version carrying a codename – K93, K94 and K95, respectively.

As reported earlier, the first-wave iPads will account for 5 million units. Currently the analysts are predicting that production figures indicate 38% for the K93 Wi-Fi model, 46% for the K46 3G model and 16% for the K95 CMDA version. These numbers indicate that Apple considers that there is a higher demand for 3G models than Wi-Fi models, and it consequently plans to meet the consumer demand.

Verizon’s existing iPad data-plan offers 1Gb for $20 per month and $20 per Gb thereafter, or $35 for 3Gb and $80 per 10Gb thereafter – each plan comes with an over-usage charge $10 per Gb. The $20 tethering plan through iPhone4 provides 2Gb – a much better deal.