You might want to let you mother know your location, or you are just going to an important meeting and might be late. Do they sound like familiar scenarios? How do you let others know your current location? Do you call them, leaving the phone call active and comment on your current location? Or perhaps you call them every two minutes: “I am here now, and I will arrive in ten minutes”.

Glympse‘ now gives you an easier way to share your location. Glympse is free application that allows you tell others where you are and it does this in real time. It is simple – just download the application, accept the terms of use – you do not need to even set up an account.

Now you are ready to start sharing your location – enter the email address of your contact or just search in your contact list. When you find the right email address, set a duration that you would like this person to see your location, and the recipient will receive a link a few seconds later. All that the recipient needs is an internet connection and a PC or laptop to see you on a Google Map – and even better your location can be viewed in the satellite and street modes. You (actually an icon not your physical being) can be seen moving in either mode in real time – admittedly there is a delay of around six to nine seconds, but an indication of your present speed is also included in the display.

If the recipient (or recipients as it is possible to send the information to multiple recipients) has ‘Glympse’ on his iPhone, there is also the choice to have the map built in the application to display your location. A great tool, but be careful not to drain your battery!