A new survey reports that 54% of Verizon’s current Android and Blackberry users suggest they will probably switch to the iPhone when it becomes available on the network on February 10.

‘uSamp’, an online sampling company, researched a high-profile online panel of more than 700 smart-phone users at the end of January. The published results show that more 54% of Verizon’s present smart-phone users are either ‘very likely’ (25%) or ‘somewhat likely’ (29%) to switch to the Verizon iPhone when it arrives next Thursday.

This report is bad news for RIM, as Blackberry users show a higher interest in switching to the iPhone 4. A total of 66% of Blackberry users indicate a probable switch which is 22% higher than the Android’s rate of user interest. RIM’s Blackberry has lost a significant share at Verizon which was a carrier that previously heavily promoted the Android offerings.

‘ChangeWave’ also conducted a survey with AT&T users and found that 16% of AT&T users were planning to switch, and a further 26% of AT&T iPhone users said they would change to Verizon citing dropped calls as the main reason.

When the first reviews of the Verizon iPhone emerged on Wednesday, reviewers indicated that Verizon drops significantly fewer calls than the AT&T iPhone.

Gender now forms an interesting part of the survey as it appears that male users (36%) are more likely to switch carriers than female users (20%). Younger respondents indicated that they are prepared to wait until the official launch-day, but 71% did indicate they are planning to switch to the new provider.