Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, told ‘Engadget’ in an interview that the white iPhone 4 will come soon, and confirmed camera problems with do-it-yourself white iPhone 4s which had been modified using leaked Foxconn parts.

The Apple co-founder said the manufacturing problem with the iPhone had been fixed and the handset will hit the market presently.

According to Wozniak, the white iPhone 4 he had in his possession was a black iPhone 4, which he had modified himself by using a kit ordered from a website. Wozniak drew our attention to the kit which currently had some defects.

During the interview Steve Wozniak explained the defects of the kit, highlighting the problem that photographs taken with the modified white iPhone 4 using the flash seem to look as if “taken through cellophane” because of light leaking through the white painted glass.

‘AppleInsider’ reported that Apple have struggled with earlier painting methods, resulting in a huge number of defective handsets, consequently it has now partnered with a Japanese company to develop a new paint material for the white iPhone 4.

‘Best Buy’ and the AT&T inventory listings are now suggesting that the long awaited-white iPhone 4 will hit the market at the end of February.