According to a recent survey published by ‘Appsfire‘ most iPhone users have a number of applications and spend about 84 minutes each day using them. The survey was carried out on the 1000 iOS devices that are synchronized with this discovery and sharing platform and the results are cool.

First, most iPhone users prefer native applications to web applications. Second, users spend about 10 minutes each day on the web using web-based applications, and each iOS owner typically has 108 applications installed on their device. The survey goes into more detail and reveals that 20 of these applications are shipped with the iOS, and 88 are installed from the App Store.

Another interesting piece of information revealed in the survey suggests that 58% of the installed applications are free (in contrast to other surveys which claim that iPhone users are more willing to open their wallets – which I think is realistic), 23% are paid and 19% are the default applications on the handset.

‘Appsfire’ users typically spend about 10% of their time on telephone calls and about 47% of their time using other applications like ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Instagram’ among others.

However, we must not forget that the survey uses information which is limited to that obtained from 1000 of the platform’s own users. So which iPhoner are you?