There is a report circulating on the net indicating that the iPad is still the number-one tablet on the market, but that it is losing market share quickly to Android. ‘Strategy Analytics’, a market research company, published its report claiming – based on their analysis – that the iPad held a 75.3% market share in the fourth quarter of 2010, while Android captured a respectable 21.6% share.

Look at the previous report issued at the end of Quarter 3, it can be observed that there is a significant difference between the two reports. The iPad dominated with 95.5% market share and Android took a small 2.3% in Quarter 3. Much of the increase is thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which reportedly jumped to 2 million units by the end of the ear.

Now comes the good news: the data published by the ‘Strategy Analytics’ report is incorrect. The Korean manufacturer confirmed on Friday that this figure was the number of actual devices sold to carriers and other retailers, and the figure of 2 million is not the number of consumers. Samsung executive Lee Young explained this misunderstanding and said that the number of tablet devices sold to consumers is relatively small, so the figure used by the analytic firm becomes irrelevant, which means that the iPad still continues to rule the market.