While, a lot of attention has been given to the best iPhone apps, it is only fair that we look at the worst iPhone apps every now and then. If not to remind ourselves, how thankful we should be to sane app developers, then at-least to humor ourselves.

Wobble iBoobs

Call it mischief or a sad sense of humor, but that is what the iBoobs app is designed to do. Simply take a picture of anything, and then choose the part that you want to wobble. Once you are done, shake the iPhone for the desired effect. While it is great for a few moments of fun, it is hard to imagine using this on a regular basis. However, to every rule there seems to be quite a few exceptions.


No, this is not a cool abbreviation for something cool. Instead, it is as boring as it sounds. With this app, a user can unzip pants to reveal underwear (it is also supposed to be very seductive, though it is hard to imagine how). Once you have unzipped the zip, you can change the underwear with a simple tap of the screen. However, we would recommend trying this out on a real pair of pants; you can actually practice that way.