Apple apps just hit the 10billion mark recently and it has released the most downloaded iPhone and iPad apps of all-time. While all the data can be mindboggling, to get the best perspective of the download trends, examine the following categories.

Top 10 Free iPhone apps: The list is dominated by Facebook and closely followed by others including Pandora, Google Mobile App, Shazam and movies by Flixster. This goes to show that the greatest strength of the iPhone remains firmly in the realms of entertainment and communication.

Top paid iPhone apps: Amazingly but not surprisingly, the top nine spots are dominated by popular games including Doodle Jump, Tap Tap Revenge 3, Pocket Gold, Angry Birds and Tap Tap Revenge 2.6.

Top 10 Free iPad Apps: With a striking similarity, the apps here include Pandora, Google Mobile App, Movies by Flixster, Google Earth, Yelp and iBooks.

Top Paid iPad Apps: the iPad apps seem to be dominated by the likes of SoundHound, StickWars, FlightTrack, Backbreaker Football and Calorie Tracker.

With a new generation of apps on their way, the list will certainly not stay the same but they provide valuable clues to developers and enthusiasts as to what really gets people interested. The apps also serve to highlight the growing strengths of the iPhone with regards to multimedia and entertainment.