I am sure your are familiar with Return7’s ‘BillMinder’, a very popular application that helps you to keep your bills up-to-date. The developers decided to launch the latest version as a separate application, ‘BillMinder’ 3, which now requires users to pay (for want of a better word) to upgrade – but pay is not quite the right word. What is happening – the developers rewrote the app completely from scratch and now they are offering ‘BillMinder’ 3 for $2! The previous application is still available in the App Store and has received more than 25 upgrades during its lifetime, including the major upgrade to version 2.0.

Return7’s Mousa said:

Most software companies don’t give away new major versions for free. Why aren’t folks angry when they buy a new version of OS X, iLife or Aperture? Since we prefer to continue existing, we’re charging for 3.0. Obviously that means we need to provide value in the new version for people to want to buy it.

About the application – ‘BillMinder’ does exactly what its name suggests – it reminds you when a bill is due and how much. This is a helpful application, because lots of banks have included software on their websites to handle this sort of thing, but none of them have a dedicated iOS application or send notifications to your iDevice. And if you have separate bills going to different banks, then you definitely need this application.  

‘BillMinder’ is so easy to set up – when you enter the application for the first time, you get the option of signing up for an account that will back up your data on to Return7’s servers. From here the tool will become your right hand. You can customize it by displaying the date and amount for each bill, together with recurring patterns and categories.

As you go through each bill, you can add the website, contact number, and account number individually, and then add a pass-code to protect your information. In addition, you also have ‘Airprint’ for your reports.

Your bills can be separated into two categories – there are the bills that remain the same each month (rent, mortgage, student loans and car payments), and then the second category is for those bills that tend to fluctuate in due dates and amounts (such as utilities).

I love this application, because prior to its launch I used to have lots of stickies on my fridge and so I was overwhelmed by papers. Now I have all the necessary financial information on my iDevice and I can now pay my bills on time. However, the application is not able to scan your bills, so you do need to input the information – and further you are not able to pay the bills from within the application. This is going to take some of your time, depending on the number and amount of your bills, but when you have finished, you are going to realize that ‘BillMinder‘ is one real handy tool.