One of the rumors surrounding this magic device is finally becoming reality, as Verizon Wireless is going to start carrying the iPhone beginning real soon now. This means that 2011 is going to become a great year for all those future (or existing) iPhone users who have patiently waited this dream to come true.

There were some speculations across the internet even last year with launch of the iPhone 4, but they remained just speculations. The reason behind was the agreement signed by both Apple and AT&T, but as AT&T’s exclusive rights are now coming to an end, the competition between carriers is starting to become stronger.

The Wall Street Journal finally confirmed the launch of the Verizon iPhone on a potentially magical day – 11 o’clock on 1/11/11. This magical number means a potential new start both for the CMDA iPhone and Verizon too.

Although officially Apple has not been involved in the announcement (the WSJ says Apple declined to comment), many people have noted that Apple has generally not been involved with the ‘second carrier’ in any country receiving the iPhone.

There are some rumors saying Steve Jobs will be present at the event, and although this rumor has not been confirmed 100%, one thing is for sure – this event is a strictly Apple-Verizon event, because ‘Gizmodo’ has been left out of the invitation list, even though the relationship between Verizon and ‘Gizmodo’ is very good, and ‘Gizmodo’ have been present at every event held by Verizon to date.