At this time last year in January, the ‘Microvision’ SHOWWX pico projector was just a prototype. After subsequently releasing the projector at a unit price of $299, this year at CES ‘Microvision‘ now present the SHOWWX+ which is brighter and clearer than ever before, but it does costs $100 more.

The TV-out function was simply a lament back in 2010, but since Apple made it official with the launch of iOS 4.0, now most of the developers are including a TV-out function in their applications – and the projector becomes a winning device here. As it added TV-out to its applications, ‘Microvision’ took up the challenge and moved the goalposts to demonstrate see the pico projector’s capabilities at CES. It also added support for an in-phone gyroscope. As the projector is portable it can now be moved around during a game, so that the image projection moves according to the in-game angle.

The projector is definitely a quality product, although there are some parts that need improvement. One main issue is the battery. The unit’s size is about the same as that of the iPhone 4, so the battery takes up most of the actual device. Okay, that is not so much of a problem you might say, and you are right. But the issue here is the 2-hour battery life, even when it is fully charged – this is barely enough to watch a movie- and what happens if I want to watch the Titanic? Well, I suppose I just have to plug it in.

Some good news though – ‘Microvision’ says it is experimenting with embedded projectors and it has even managed to create an Android tablet working with an embedded projector, but I think ‘Microvision’ has still a lot to do before Apple even thinks about embedding the projector into their already cramped device.