This year at CES there is a lot of great stuff, including this message: ‘We’re not here to sell a ten-dollar app. We’re here to put the PHONE COMPANIES out of business.’ Seeing this message is going to make you stop in your tracks for sure.

Well, I do not think ‘toktumi’ is going to manage to put all the phone companies out of business, but they certainly have something that I need – that is for sure. Their application ‘Line2‘ is a calling application using three methods for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. What does it do? – it uses data, Wi-Fi or even cellular voice connections to make and receive calls.

It is easy to get started, because all need to do is to download the free application and enjoy the benefits of a 30 day free trial. After a month of use you need to pay $10 per month subscription, but in return you have unlimited calls, unlimited text and a powerful voice-mail system.

The interface used by the developers is great, and it has all the features of iPhone calling including merge calls, speaker phone, mute, etc. Conference calls are supported for up to 20 people and it is as easy to set up as Skype. An extra feature is that voice-mails are handled as you would expect but you can send them to others via email. And you can keep your number private, because you can opt for a ‘Line2’ number. If you are looking for an application that can help you reduce your monthly phone bill significantly, then ‘Line2’ is for you.