According to a report by ‘comScore’, as a result of strong sales Google Android has managed to push ahead of Apple’s iPhone in the total number of active subscribers.

The research firm has published its latest figures which reveal that Android became the second largest mobile platform in November 2010, jumping past Apple, even though the iPhone did not lose any of its market share in terms of percentage.

Android has registered fast growth throughout the year, gaining 6.4 points from the previous total in September, to give it a 26% of the US market of smartphone subscribers, and is now targeting to push ahead of RIM, which currently holds 33.5% of this market.

Apple and their iPhone came out third, in the list published by ‘comScore’, with a total of 25% of the total domestic U.S. market.

It worth to be noting that Apple’s smartphone presence consists solely of the iPhone, whereas handsets running Google Android are represented by a number of manufacturers and many more devices.

Apple was followed in the November rankings Microsoft who slipped from 10.8% in September to 9% in November with its new mobile platform Windows Phone 7, which was launched in November.

According to ‘comScore’ there are 234 million American mobile device users, but only 61.5 million of those own a smartphone, so this means that there is a lot of potential out there in this growing market.