I agree with those that say it is hard to get used to being virtual. I actually like the touch of real buttons, but my wife really needs to have an additional keyboard for her iDevice, because she can not get used to her Christmas present with its virtual keys. This is why we are thinking about purchasing a full QWERTY keyboard from ‘Boxwave‘.

They have released their ‘Keyboard Buddy Case’, which acts like a slide-out keyboard and a case for the iPhone. As you attach the ‘Keyboard Buddy’ to the iPhone, the iDevice’s size suddenly doubles, due to the slide-out Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard which features a complete top row of numbers as well as ‘Home’ and ‘Spotlight’ search buttons. And this little keyboard has quite an impressive battery life after charging through the USB port – about 45 days, would you believe.

After seeing what this keyboard means to the iPhone we agreed that this is one of the best tools to have in your pocket – attached to your iDevice, it gives you back that feeling of reality.

The ‘Keyboard Buddy Case’ is presently available for $69.95 (regular price: $79.95) with free shipping from ‘Boxwave’.