If you are presently on the AT&T ‘Unlimited Data Plan’ you do not have a to worry about your data usage, but what happens to those who are not? Well now you basically have two options:
  1. you can use the AT&T ‘myWireless’ application which can be quite inconvenient should you ever want detailed call information
  1. download ‘DataMan’ which features data tracking and push notifications with all the information included.

‘DataMan’ gives you three viewing options:
Current – which gives a summary view of your data usage;
History – choose a date and the applications allows you to view past details; and
Settings – this is where you go to set up and start using the application.

In the Current view you can see your cellular and Wi-Fi data usage for any given day, week or month. This is listed in megabytes and as a percentage of your budget for that time period, and you can also have detailed information by tapping each list item.

The History view allows you to see your total data usage. Choose your time and get detailed information about your cellular and Wi-Fi usage, just like using the Current view.

Settings is the best place to navigate to when you start using the application. Here you can set the billing rate, which is very important if you want to keep your data use within limits. Another great feature is that you can set your data allowance by the day, week or month.

These features make this a useful application, which you can download from the App Store for a price of $1.99.