The predictions are that Apple is likely to sell 45-48 million iPads next year. This is quite a number, but Apple actually puts its expectations somewhat higher – the company has reportedly placed orders with suppliers for 65 million 9.7 inch iPad displays.

‘DigiTimes’ reported that Apple is believed to have placed orders for an estimated 35 million iPad screens from LG, but apparently the company thinks this is not enough as they placed another order for 30 million displays, with the order being split between Samsung and Chimei Innolux.

By the end of this year, Apple is expected to have purchased 16.75 million displays for the magic tablets, all of which come from Taiwan’s component manufacturers. LG delivered 1.5 million iPad screens in November alone, while Samsung delivered another 1.2 million.

Looking at the report we can see that Quarter 3 ended with huge iPad sales – 7.46 million tablets sold. That indicates a balance of nearly 9.2 million screens minus the number the company has already sold in Quarter 4 of this year.

Apple obviously did their sums when deciding to use the 9.7 inch screen for its tablet. “We think the 7 inch tablets will be dead on arrival, and manufacturers will realize they’re too small and abandon them next year. They’ll then increase the size, abandoning the customers and developers who bought into the smaller format,” Steve Jobs said.

Yes indeed – the iPad competitors are offering tablets designed and built for 5 and 7 inch screens. Now this does not create any advantage for them.

Steve Jobs went on to say:
iPad incorporates everything we’ve learned about building high value products. We create our own A4 chip, software, battery chemistry, enclosure, everything. This results in an incredible product at a great price. The proof will be in the pricing of our competitors’ products, which will offer less for more.

Good bye to 2010 and welcome to 2011 – the year of the iPad 2!.