If you are a blogger, then you are already familiar with the ‘Squarespace‘ hosted blog service. Yeah, it is great stuff, because they have a professional team to create those professionally designed themes, and they give bloggers the opportunity to tweak them for unique sites with beautiful typography. If you are a subscriber, they have lots of other services provided just for you. Subscriptions range from $13 up to $40 per month.

As Christmas is here, the company have prepared a gift – they have released their ‘Squarespace’ for the iPad – and it is now free. Like most ‘Squarespace’ products and services, their latest creation is also of the highest quality and the editor looks fantastic.

There are lots of editors available for the iPhone or the iPad but they do not include all the facilities that ‘Squarespace’ includes. The designers have thought of practically everything: they used the wide open spaces of the iPad screen to let bloggers tag, categorize and create excerpts without leaving the editor and a quick tap on a post or comment now displays a tray underneath the post containing action options.

There are four editing modes: Text, Markdown, Textile and RAW HTML. Using any of these, you can change text styles, insert photos, links and set excerpts. The graphical user interface includes every button you need to have, and they are always within sight – so just start blogging…