The Japanese blog ‘MacOtakara’ talks about the next-generation iPad as having a flatter backside and smaller bezel compared with the first generation iDevice. The iPad 2.0 will also feature a larger ‘wide-range speaker’ located behind a mesh speaker grille.

The same blog cites its Chinese source which reveals that the next generation iPad will be three millimeters smaller than the original, but the display will stay the same size. This means the bezel surrounding the iDevice’s display will shrink significantly. As the rear case will now be more flattened, the device will be more stable when laying on a flat surface.

According to the ‘MacOtakara’ source, production has already begun, with orders scheduled to begin shipping to Apple by the end of January. There was an earlier rumor coming from ‘Digitimes’ and the information revealed by the ‘MacOtakara’ source sustains those rumors. The source also notes that according to ‘unreliable information’ the next iPad may have both front and rear-facing cameras, with the rear-facing camera having the same resolution as the fourth generation iPhone.