Maybe now is not the moment for a grill, but for those who are preparing to heat some meat, there is a new application and peripheral device in town called ‘iGrill‘. This is a meat thermometer with Bluetooth and an associated application.

Okay, so you have all these wonderful things in one place, but what do you have to do to make it all work? It is very simple: you set it up by your grill. Put the probe in the roast, ribs, steak or salmon and step away. No, it does not blow away, just take a break. It does not need any surveillance, because it does its job quite well.

You can now enjoy you beverage and appetizers with your friends, knowing your iPhone or even iPad will give you the ‘it is ready, man’ sign.

The base unit operates as a stand-alone thermometer, but if you are within a 200-foot wireless range, you can track the progress of you culinary efforts remotely. Your application alerts you when the food has hit the target (no, I am not talking about your stomach, but about the heat of the meat) or give you a readout of the estimated cooking time remaining. If you are short of recipes, just open up the application and you have lots of tips, recipes, and content – enough for even the pickiest backyard chef.

The iGrill is available on the iGrill web-shop for $99.