According to recent surveys there is a high demand for iPads around the world. Yes, we have all heard that, and it is understandable for us to think that this is just part of another big marketing campaign. Well, this time it is not. Households that already own an iPad are actually more than likely to purchase another iTablet.

This is the result of a recent survey, which questioned literally thousands of Americans. Of those who own an iPad, 17% said they already own more than one iPad, and a further one fifth (more precisely 19%) said that they were considering buying another device in the future. But they will not purchase an Android tablet. No way. If you have an iPad you are more than likely to purchase another iPad.

The reason is simple – you just love your iPad. And the most common reason given for buying another iDevice is that someone else is using the one they already own.

This simple fact revealed by the survey makes me reconsider the recently released iPad sales forecast for next year. And if everything goes according to the predictions, lots of worldwide households will have more than one iPad around the house in the not too distant future.