New Trent Power Cells Will Never Leave You Drained Dry

New Trent Batteries (formally known as iMaxPower), has a reputation of excellence.  Since I had discovered the company I have had the privilege of testing many of their products.  None have disappointed.  Their newest Flagship item is the IMP-1000.  This small compact, extremely portable battery packs some serious juice.  Enough juice to power up an iPad from 0-105.  Now you’ll notice the “5” in the last sentence.  That was not a mistake, as the IMP-1000 is capable of powering an iPad to 100% and still have enough juice to add another 5%.  Hence, “105”.

What was one of the most noticeable differences of this battery is New Trent has sprucened itself up a bit. Now I am not one who cares about packaging, but the IMP-1000, came to me in a very professional wrapper.  The IMP-1000, came in a really nice hard box that shoe-horned the battery and all its stock accessories in a very tight yet perfect package (not unlike the iPhone), very slick indeed.  The battery itself looks very clean and well constructed by use of a glossy-black vinyl casing with light blue trim.  The device is activate and deactivated by a large button that also doubles as a power indicator by the use of three lights.  When all the lights go out, it’s done.

After exhaustive testing on my part I can confirm all the claims for the IMP-1000 are 100% accurate. Features and statistics are as follows:

IMP1000 Extreme Pack for iPad, iPhone 4, Motorola Droid, HTC Android, Blackberry and everything!
The features for the Li-ion Polymer battery Extreme pack imp1000

  • 11000mAh capacity, Charge iPad one time, Charge iPhone 6 times
  • Compatible with 2G 3G 3Gs 4G iPhone
  • Compatible with iPad and 3G iPad
  • Compatible with all generation 2G 3G 4G iPod touch
  • Compatible with Motorola Droid
  • Compatible with HTC Android (EVO, incredible, X1, nexus)
  • Compatible with Blackberry (9630, 9700, 9550, 9800)
  • 105% of iPad Battery life
  • 600% of 4G 3G 3Gs iPhone Battery life
  • 50 hours iPhone movie playing time
  • 50 hours iPhone internet time
  • 360 hours iPhone audio time
  • Compatible with major brand portable game system, such as Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Sony PSP. Adapters will be sold separately
  • Also work with Kindle reading device

Need I say more?  This battery is a premium item at the bargain sale price of…Ready for it?  $79.95!  That is cheap.  Dirt cheap.  So, if you are in need of an external back-up power cell that works with just about any device?  You need look no further than New Trents IMP-1000.