SPECKs’ New iPhone 4 Cases Show The Continuation Of A Quality Dynasty
It never ceases to amaze me how Speck continues to impress. About a year ago when I was searching around and I was first introduced to the company, I was marveled and amazed by how well manufactured and constructed its cases are. Usually companies come out with one or two very good products and the rest of them fall to the wayside as a result of their rather shoddy construction. Speck however continues to produce some of the highest quality cases to protect all forms of devices especially our iPhones and iPads.

For about a year now I’ve been reviewing speck products I can tell you in all honesty I have never been disappointed once with any of their product lines. For this review, three cases will be under scrutiny, the Speck SeeThru SATIN, CandyShell and the CandyShell Flip.

The SeeThru SATIN, is a typical Speck construction, meaning that its quality is nothing short of superlative. The case is see-through in terms of it being translucent and not transparent. This translucence causes a smoky/foggy visual through to the iPhone. Like all cases of it’s kind, it is a solid simple one-piece construction that has a rubber bezel on the front.  This bezel rises above the face of the screen by approximately 1 mm, this allows the phone to be able to placed faced down without any danger of the screen touching any flat surfaces and thus preventing scratches.  The case is tough, not as tough as the CandyShell or CandyShell Flip, which both contain a soft silicone interior to help with shock as well as kenetic forces that may damage the phone, but that’s not to say that the SeeThru SATIN is in any way less protective for the phone inside. All ports, meaning the camera, 30 pin, mute switch and the face have all been given generous space to be left open so that way there is no interference in getting to those particular items to manipulate the phone for charging and such. Also, all buttons are cleverly covered in the silicone that rest within the interior of the case which then protrude through holes that allow you to be able to manipulate and direct the phone via power and also volume controls.

The SeeThru SATIN, protects the phone brilliantly by it encapsulating the phone very tightly without any seems to be seen.  The only real way for debris to get is through the portholes. The case is made of a polycarbonate hardshell that adds a fantastic, luxurious in hand feel to a protective hardshell case, as a result this this case will maintain solid protection for your phone while at the same time giving it a very luxurious sleek look and feel.

  • Soft-touch Satin coated hard shell case
  • Rubberized front edge and button covers for grip and protection
  • Sleek design slips easily in/out of pockets

Dimensions: 0.375″ x 2.5″ x 4.5″
Weight: 0.5 oz


Now for the CandyShell. The CandyShell, has been around for ever since the first iPhone came out the candy shell with his hardshell exterior and its gooey soft, silicone interior with this protruding silicone buttons which leaves all the appropriate ports open with generous space, has been one of the top iPhone cases available to the market. This bestseller is found widely throughout all the stores that carry iPhones Best Buy, AT&T stores, Apple stores. All these Stores carry the CandyShell with good reason.  The CandyShell, is tried and true.  Excellence needs little marketing (but it always helps).  Aside from the usual “it’s tough, and protects the iPhone within its loving embrace by use of its Soft Silicon interior with it hard candy shell”, the CandyShell is new in shape to fit and form perfectly around the iPhones 4s’ New sleek shape.  It comes in 12 colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.


  • Hard shell. Soft center. Sweet Looks… Two Layers of Protection
  • Glossy hard shell exterior
  • Rubberized interior and button covers
  • Patent-pending one-piece design

Dimensions: 0.521″ x 2.509″ x 4.683″
Weight: 2.0 oz



Finally, comes the CandyShell Flip.  Completely the same as its sister case the CandyShell, what makes this case special is the new advancement. The reason “Flip” was added to the end of its name is because the bottom quarter of this case, flips back to expose the bottom quarter of the iPhone.  This first off, makes getting the iPhone is and out of the case a breeze (which is not the case with the plain CandShell nor the SeeThru SATIN, which are quite difficult to remove to be honest).  But more importantly, it allows for easy docking for the iPhone by this bottom quarter exposure.  This new feature in combination with the CandyShell losing none of its protection, makes this SPECKs’ best case to date (IMO)  You simply cannot go wrong with any of these cases, but this is my personal favorite.  The seam that allows for the “Flip-action” travels horizontally across the back of the case.  And the pieces fit together almost seamlessly, but certainly not in an ugly unattractive fashion.  This case is the best of all worlds and is going to be one tough case to beat.


  • Hard shell case with rubberized interior and button covers offer shock absorption
  • Flip-back design for use with a dock. (not for use as a stand!)
  • Patent pending design and ingenuity; hard shell meets soft rubber case!

Dimensions: 0.527″ x 2.525″ x 4.7″
Weight: 1.0 oz

All three cases and more can be found at www.SPECKproducts.com. The SeeThru SATIN goes for $29.95, while the CandyShell & CandyShell Flip Sell for $34.95.  I encourage you, should you be in the market, to explore SPECK’s Site and determine which case from their large assortment of styles and colors is for you.