It is great to be able to take pictures with your iPhone camera, because that moment can be recalled at anytime. And if you want to make that photo more special you can simply apply some filters and then the fun begins!

FX Photo Studio‘ for iPhone, which is one good application dedicated to photo filters, has been update today so that it now includes 10 new photo effects and the ability to share your presets.

So the update looks like this:

  • presets sharing feature
  • 10 new photo effects
  • flower camera selection option added (for iPhone 4)
  • ‘Tumblr’ sharing
  • Filter previews with higher quality
  • Optimized crop tool
  • Preview auto-rotation option.

Okay, so there are only 10 now, but with a further 171 photo filters plus the 10 new photo filters already in the pipeline go to make ‘FX Studio Photo’ the only application to choose when it comes to adding effects to your photos. Developed by ‘MacPhun LLC’ the application is available in the App Store for just $2.99.