Okay, let us say you are in Spain (or a Spanish-speaking country) and you want to understand what a certain piece of printed text conveys. There are three options:

  1. you speak Spanish
  2. you do not speak Spanish, but you have a Spanish translator with you
  3. you have an iPhone and an application called ‘World Lens’.

In any of these cases a little knowledge of the Spanish language is good to have, but if you do not have the time to learn the language, there are some really helpful tools to help you in your quest to understand the text.

‘Word Lens’ was created by ‘Quest Visual‘, and it is an iPhone-based, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application used for language translation. The application uses OCR to recognize the letters in an image captured by the iPhone’s camera. The application identifies the letters, builds the words and then looks them up in its built-in dictionary. This is how you can get the word translated. Amazing, right?

Anyways, the application help you to understand the text, but it can never replace your or the Spanish translator’s knowledge.

The core application is now available in the App Store free,and the language pair (English / Spanish) is available as a part of the application purchase. At the moment the application only supports English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations but the developers plan to extend the number of language pairs in the near future.