The Game That Should Have Ruled The Web, But Disappoints Miserably

I don’t often review Apps.  (A situation I plan to change for myself) In the Apple App Store, there is a game called “EXO-Planet”.  I loved this game.  It had everything I wanted since I am a veteran of City of Heroes/Villains from a few years ago.  And in COH/V My bailiwick was PvP and nothing gets my rocks off like some good ol’ ganking of people online.  EXO-Planet from SGN (Social Gaming Network, not to be confused with The Seattle Gay Network) delivered on this brilliantly.  It is a beautiful looking game with high speed action and a unique 0-Gravity environment where you run around in suits of armor with magnetic boots and a protectile grappling hook.  You can stand on walls, ceilings and various protrusions and outcrops.  There is no falling as there is no gravity.

Weaponry starts off with a machine gun, but you can purchase the Shotgun, Rocket Launcher (which enables some interesting trick shots) and the Sniper Rifle (one shot, one kill)  All weaponry can be upgraded by using Scrip (the games form of currency).  Suits of armor are also available to buy.  You start off with the Helios Armor, the middle of the road between protection and speed.  Then you can upgrade to the Mercury Suit which sacrifices protection for serious speed.  Then there is the Juggernaut Armor that is slow as a slug but a veritable tank.  As with the weapons, the particulars are all upgradeable.  Increase armor rating, run speed, regeneration, and jump speed.  The weaponry can be modified to increase rate of fire, damage, range and radius (where applicable).  Sounds really cool right?  Well not so fast.

What is probably one of the most intense PvP games out there with awesome weaponry, an extremely unique battle environment and fast paced action has been caught with it’s pants down by the complete lack of follow through and maintenance by it’s creator.

ExoPlanet, catches the eye, delivers a graphical VR dream with responsive, well tuned controls that falls flat by the fact that the company SGN refuses to take it’s players input seriously by ignoring them.  What’s worse (aside from the complete lack of upgrades to the game in over 6 months, aside from further irritating it’s community by lowering the scrip drop) is the fact that there are no players on the servers because the servers are down and off line ever 15 minutes for 5 minutes at a time.  This chases away all players who are looking for a little action and forces them to run to SGNs’ competitors or other things in players lives that can distract them.

Shortly after the games initial release, the servers were reliable consistent and there was not a time where you could logon, and fight in major mellees.  Now, there is little else but the howling background wind in the games environment to keep you company as you sit there waiting in hope someone comes online so you can actually play, and if they do, you’ll be lucky they join your already opened map because SGNs’ inferior server function might not route them to the open match you are already in.

This loss of market share on SGNs’ part causes this game, which should be the benchmark of PvP games on mobile devices, to fail miserably to be the worst game available.  Again, not because there is anything wrong with the game itself which is anything but the case, but rather from the utter lack off attention the company pays to it’s service to the community and it’s own server reliability, as well as it’s continued improvement.  That and the fact that your profile is stored on your device instead of their server and does not back up in iTunes (meaning that when you restore your iDevice, all your hard work, booty, and upgrades, as well as time) has just been zeroed out and wasted). Also, two maps is extremely limited and get tedious fast.

What a shame and I really mean that because this game is what every PvP game should be in execution, but dies by the lack of merit based on it’s delivery. The idea of a game company like SGN making a game based entirely upon multiplayer interaction over the web and not paying close attention to making sure it actually fulfills on it’s purpose is more than pathetic and shoddy, it’s down right criminal considering people have essentially paid for a product that simply cannot work. SGN has simply shirked it’s responsibility and bilked the consumer and public.

So if you have $7.00 to waste, you can either spend it on this massive “flash-in -the-pan, of a disappointment, or you can give it to me so I can buy myself an Egg-Sandwich in the morning. Giving it to me will yield probably better returns as I will at least respond to you with thanks and appreciation unlike SGN who has refused to address me or any other person who has tried to contact them and the issues we have en-masse, brought to their attention.

Skip this one till you hear back from me, or just DL the Free ver to see what I am talking about.  At least you can look at the beautiful environment, but don’t expect to see much action till SGN finally takes notice of the opportunity they’ve squandered so far. EXO-Planet needs deliverance from the very company that made it, SGN.