Eight months ago a new product was launched: the iPad. The App Store was launched on the same day with a few down-loadable applications. Now,as I am writing this text, there are 51,295 applications in App Store. Apple needed just 257 days to reach this milestone of 50,000 apps, and it made it without any difficulties.

Comparing these numbers with the launch of the iPhone a few years ago, Apple needed a year to reach this milestone. But now, as they reinvent the phone and their words carry more weight in the gadget-world, the pace at which applications are placed for approval in the App Store is increasing at an amazing rate.

One thing is for sure: the demand for iDevices is continuously growing and this means that the App Store will reach its second milestone of 100,000 applications in a very short time.

Okay, we can argue that it is increasingly becoming a place for games, rather than standard applications, but the numbers still highlight the demand.

Just think about that time 8 months ago – those developers who placed the first applications in the iPad App Store did not even have a chance to hold an iPad before its launch, and they managed to come up with the goods. Nowadays, as the iPad continues to kick the competition through the window, it is now so much easier for everyone – the developers have the tablet in their hands to test the application and the buyers have the iDevice to play with and send feedback.