Voices-in-the-know suggest that the U.S. Army is interested in giving each of its soldiers a smart-phone, and they might even give them a choice between the iPhone or one running Google Android. ‘ArmyTimes’ reported earlier this week, that the iPhone (or another smart-phone) could become a standard piece of equipment for  a U.S. soldier.

This suggests that the Army is trying to find the best way for soldiers to access data and receive updates on the go, no matter where they are – and the iDevice developed by Apple is powerful and portable enough to catch the Army’s eye. The Army believes the bill will also be for their account.

The report states:

At war, smart phones would let soldiers view real-time intelligence and video from unmanned systems overhead, and track friends and enemies on a dynamic map… But the Army must first work through the complex task of securing the data and the network before it sanctions smart phones on the battlefield.

However, as yet this plan is not definitive, but high-ranking officials support the idea and Army officials have already paid a visit to Apple’s campus in Cupertino earlier this year.

Apple is not a new brand as far as the Army is concerned as they are already using Macs in their IT infrastructure, and they employ custom iPods for on-the-spot translating work in Iraq.