‘Daylite Touch’, one of the best productivity applications for the Apple hardware released by ‘Marketcircle’. Now they are extending their application to cater for the latest iDevice, the iPad. Today they published a blog posting related to the application launch explaining how they completed the development of the iPad application.

The iPad has indeed changed many peoples’ lives, including those of the developers’ behind ‘Marketcircle‘. They had originally decided to look at the iDevice in 2011, but the number of requests they received made them reconsider their planning, and they focused their energy on the launch of ‘Daylite Touch’ for this magic tablet.

One thing, for sure, is that for an on-the-road person this application is for you – and for your tablet device. And one very important feature is that the developers have focused on functionality and not so much on the fancy extras. The developers have also changed the licensing model to ‘per user’ instead of ‘per device’ in the belief that customers will soon be using multiple devices.

A quick look over the application reveals that it contains everything you need – such as projects, tasks, contact management, a calendar, leads (called ‘Opportunities’) and a lot more. It is as portable as the iPhone – it does require a little more space than the iPhone but the device is just as easy to carry around with you. But, hey, this is one aspect you will forget as soon as you launch this application. The iPad’s large screen allows you to see much more information – the tablet’s 9 inch display is more than adequate when compared to the display screen of the iPhone.

And for starters this application is available now for $49 per user per year.