Since the launch of the iPad, ‘ChangeWave’ have conducted a series of surveys to measure the tablet’s impact on specific segments of the market. Their last survey, conducted last month, related specifically to corporate usage of tablet devices, especially as more new tablets are becoming available on the market, including the HP Slate 500, the Dell Streak, the Samsung Galaxy tab and RIM Playbook.

The result: Apple’s iPad is way in front of all the competitors, with businesses giving overwhelming support to the iPad by adopting it as their choice of tablet device in ever-increasing numbers.

The report reveals:

In terms of current usage, 7% of corporate respondents now say their company provides employees with Tablet devices – up 1-pt since our previous survey in August. The Apple iPad (82%) remains by far the most popular Tablet for business purposes. H-P (e.g., Slate; 11%) and Dell (e.g., Streak; 7%) are also showing some traction among corporate users – but both remain far behind Apple’s overwhelming share of the market.

The study shows the usage is expected to rise with an additional 14% of companies registering their plans to utilize tablet devices in Quarter 1 of 2011. Another important result revealed by this survey is that most of the companies planning to begin using tablets early next year are thinking of adopting the iPad – the numbers put this at 78% of the surveyed companies.

Customer satisfaction is a highly important factor as this is what we are always anxious to read and hear. On this score Apple is doing a great job – and I am getting used to reading about their part in all this.

The survey numbers show that 69% of corporate users are ‘very satisfied’ with the iPad – far out in front of the pack, with the HP tablet coming in with only 23%, and Dell with only 12%.

Finally, according to the survey results, users are primarily using their iPad for Internet access, corporate email, and on-the-road work.