Pictures are starting to appear on the net claiming to be representative of the second generation iPad. These images and the accompanying information suggest that the magic tablet will support a rear-facing camera and an SD card slot.

The first image comes from ‘Shenzen MacTop Electronics’ (spotted by iLounge) and it claims to be the next generation iPad case. As can be clearly see in the image, there is an opening in the top left corner of the case, and if the case is designed and manufactured based on previously released information on the iPad 2.0, the device will feature a rear-facing camera.

We reported earlier the front-facing camera is coming to the next generation tablet. This is one widely expected feature that will surely come, as Apple have indicated that they wish to expand the availability of its ‘FaceTime’ video chat service. Reports referring to the rear-facing camera, however, were contradictory, but now that images have been spotted in different places (actually three) indicates that Apple is preparing to make another huge step towards domination of the tablet industry.

Further information on the case reveals an opening at the bottom left. The description that comes with the image mentions an SD card slot, although Apple already offer a kit that provides a pair of adapters to allow the user to download more photos on to their iDevice via USB or SD card through the dock connector – so this one is questionable. We can say for now that Apple may be thinking on easing the photo download process with a SD card slot, although the current kit works just fine. The inclusion of an SD slot, for the moment, remains pure speculation, and the visible cutout on the iPad case continues to serve an unknown purpose.