The ‘Reynolds Journalism Institute’ (RJI) has decided to carry out a multi-year research project which commenced with the launch of the magic tablet, the iPad. The first phase of the research was to understand how iPad users consume news content, and it was a cross-national survey targeting all 50 states in the U.S. together with another 49 countries outside U.S.

Based on the responses RJI received from more than 1,600 surveyed people, RJL managed to come up with the following typical iPad user profile:

  • well educated, affluent men between the ages of 35 and 64, who tend to be early adopters;
  • highly satisfied with the iDevice and spend lots of its time with it:
  1. more than six out of ten (62.7%) reported that they spent more than an hour during a typical day with their iPad, with nearly three out of ten (28.3%) saying they used their iPad more than two hours a day;
  2. Nearly nine out of ten (89.0%) indicated that they use their iPad throughout the week, with nearly three-quarters (73.1%) reporting that they use it most frequently at home;
  • keeping up with news and current events is their most popular main use;
  • iPad news consumers prefer newspaper applications to newspaper websites, less likely to use print;
  • positive iPad reading experience influenced by age, traditional media habits;
  • low prices and ease of use are the key factors in users’ decision to purchase a newspaper subscription on the iPad.