According to a new research published by ‘Chitika’ and reported by ‘All Things Digital’, iPad will account for 2.3% of all web traffic in North America until the end of 2011.

The Research Director, Daniel Ruby stated: “As of this month, the iPad accounts for 0.83% of all traffic on Chitika’s network. And at current growth rates, which have been steady since the device’s launch, it should hit 2.3% by the end of next year”.

To arrive at this number, Daniel Ruby has been watching the growth of the iPad since its launch, but according to Paczkowski of All Thing Digital: “Ruby took the last two months of data trends for iPad growth relative to the full network’s traffic”. This was his base to forecast the next twelve months.

However there are some aspects we have to consider for next year: the tablet industry is lead by Apple, that is for sure – but the competition is on its way to change that, and it will definitely heat up the industry numbers.

The ‘Chitika’ network serves more than three billion ads per months on over 100,000 sites, so Ruby has some hard numbers that he can use, but still….

Data from Quarter 3 2010, released earlier this week, says that the iPad represents 8% of all mobile PC sales worldwide, which is an intensive growth from the 4.8% of its Apple Mac notebook lines.