Google announced editing of Google Docs a few weeks ago for the iPad and Android platform, promising a lightweight mobile interface. There was a preview of the feature a few months earlier, and iPad users have been waiting patiently for the release in order to use the free web-based productivity platform.

When it first appeared, the lack of tools for document editing made the mobile Google Docs less attractive, because it did not offer the full complement of options available though the desktop version of Google Docs.

Yesterday was a big day at Google because the desktop version is now iPad-compatible allowing additional editing capabilities when needed on the mobile device.

A new posting on the Google Docs blog states:

The new mobile editor is fast and lightweight, but sometimes you want to make more style edits like changing a font, or center aligning a paragraph. If you’re on an iPad, you can do that by visiting the Desktop version of the document editor.

However, the blog post notes that the version for the iPad browser is not as powerful as a desktop browser, but the thinking here was for one-off occasions when users needed to make an advanced document. Very kind thought.

The problem, as TUAW points out, is that the functionality of this newly released iPad-compatible Google Docs is cumbersome and quirky.