Apple’s second generation iPad will feature an LCD display with BLUs (Blacklight Units) supplied by ‘Coretronic’. That is according to ‘Digitimes‘. This means that there will be no S-AMOLED display for the Apple’s magical tablet rumored to hit the market during February, and ‘Foxconn’ have already announces preparations for shipping at the end of February

There were other rumors regarding the second generation iPad specs and features, but they were not clear about this part, so I assume that it will come with the successful LED-lit LCD with IPS panels, which are a feature of both the iPhone and the first-generation iPad. These have displays that work on 132 pixels per inch. It would be amazing for the second generation iPad to feature a Retina Display, but this is not going to happen, because the present technology does not permit this – at least for now.

So the Retina Display is now off the list. Let us  see what other rumors we have – a wide screen with a 16:9 ratio. The first generation iPad features a 4:3 ratio so we might want to think about a change, but who uses 16:9 ratio anyway? Only HD TV shows. Books, web pages, emails and calendars are not using 16:9. The problem with this one is that it is only for tablets with a single use only – to watch HD TV shows – so for Apple a 4:3 is far more valuable because of the tablet’s multifunctional system.

So the iPad 2.0 will likely feature a new bonded screen, so reflectivity will be reduced, and will also feature a better, more colorful panel.