‘DisplaySearch’, a global market research and consulting firm releases the results of its latest estimates for shipments of mobile PCs, including notebooks, netbooks, and tablets in Quarter 3 of 2010. The research firm highlights the “iPad Effect” as the iPad sales now place Apple in the third place worldwide, and first place in North America.

Capturing a 12.4% share of global mobile PC shipments in Q3’10, Apple is benefiting from the iPad Effect, which continues to shake up the mobile PC market. According to preliminary results from the ‘DisplaySearch’ Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report, Apple took the #3 position worldwide, and ranks #1 in North America as a result of the continued success of the iPad. The iPad accounts for an 8% share of global shipments of all mobile PCs. 95% of iPad shipments were to developed regions, primarily North America.

Even without the sales of the iPad, Apple would still rank in the first ten brands – at eighth place with 4.8% of the total market – that is if you do not consider the iPad as a true mobile PC. With the iPad sales included, however, Apple managed to grab a sizable 12.4% of the worldwide mobile PC market.

While Apple hits top of the listings  in North America, the report also reveals that Japan was somewhat more reserved in its acceptance of the iPad. The report by ‘DisplaySearch’ talks about the lack of content tailored to the local language and interest as having a significant influence on the results. Another hard-to-penetrate market is that of the developing countries which is due in the main to the iPad’s partial, but continuing reliance on a PC for content syncing.

HP continues to lead the global market with 9.5 million units shipped in the third quarter of 2010, accounting for a 17.3% market share, followed closely by Acer with 9.1 million units and a 16.5% share of the global market.