Radio Shack starts the season with a valuable offer for all those who want to own an iPhone. Radio Shack, which is one of the largest consumer electronic stores in the world, is set to make a huge impact on the Christmas season with huge discounts and attractive deals. The obvious popularity of the iPhone 4 (and previous models) means it could be one of the most popular gifts this Christmas. As the favorite smartphone in the US, Apple will certainly enjoy a surge in sales throughout the holiday season.

The $50 discount is valid with all iPhone models after a 2-year contract. Hence, the deal would be as follows

  • iPhone 3GS – $49.99
  • iPhone 4 16GB – $149.99
  • iPhone 32 GB – $249.99

The promotion will begin next week. In addition, Radio Shack will also accept trade-ins of previous iPhone models for the iPhone 4, which could see the price discounted due to trade-in credit. The 3GS model could fetch $125 credit value, while the 3G model could fetch $75 credit value.

While this deal is really good, some are wondering if it wouldn’t be just better to hold out for the next generation iPhone which should be out next year. If you think it is worth the wait, then buy a gift certificate instead.