As with all cool pieces of technology, sometimes overzealous fans can get carried away and start spreading rumors of super features, which can really get our imagination going but will be extremely disappointing when the product hits the market.

One of the latest rumors being spun out there is that the iPhone 5 will feature live TV. Technically, Apple can easily get this through and even on existing 3G network speeds, TV content can be compressed to a point at which it could be streamed to looked good enough on a three inch screen. However, like all cool features, there is a catch; it will only work if there is a un-limited data-package involved.

Earlier this year several major mobile operators including AT&T and Verizon announced that users would subjected to limited data plans, and exceeding these plans is not a financially viable option. The idea of live TV rings hollow, especially due to the fact that iPhone users are subject to limited data plans.

While it remains highly unlikely that the iPhone 5 will feature live TV due to the limited data plans, it is highly likely that the limited data plans have done significant damage to mobile technological innovation.